Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So what is a Hack?

This blog is designed to introduce you to the latest in our MicroVolts Hacks and Cheats, but what exactly is a MicroVolts hack? Is it different from a cheat? How are hacks made? What will a hack let me do?  These are all the questions that I'm going to be answering for you.

A hack is simply code designed to execute outside of the natural process's programming.  Fraps is a hack, every time you run Fraps you are injecting a dll, hooking d3d functions, grabbing the screen output, and listening in on the audio.  So why is Fraps not detected by hack protection systems?  Well, it was submitted to all the hack protection systems for analysis and was shown to be non-intrusive, so most have added it to their whitelist (a list of programs allowed to hack the game).

What is different from a hack and a cheat?  Generally a cheat does not require modifying the game's behavior to achieve the goals you are after.  On many single player games, you can enter a cheat code for almost anything, from summoning items to godmode.  These are built into the game and are part of the already running code.  In multiplayer games, some cheats exist, but they are more commonly called exploits - these are flaws in the game that allow you to do something you shouldn't be able to (crawl inside a wall, buy a gun you can't afford, etc).

So how are these hacks made?  Hacks require a lot of planning, much like any programming does.  You will need to decide what type of hack you are making, how to inject the hack, what the purpose of the hack is, how stable the hack will be, and how to avoid detection.  You will need to understand a lot of assembly in most cases, which you can use to read through the program's running code in a debugger.  This will allow you to get a glimpse of what the program is actually doing.  There is a LOT of assembly to a small program though, games have so much that it would be mind boggling to try to figure it out from start to finish by just reading the assembly!   That's when its time to start understanding some of the classes.  How does each class work? What functions does each class use? What calls each class function?  The hardest things can be as basic as finding your starting point.  If something is used by 600 functions, and none of them make any sense in assembly - what does that function do?

So now you understand that complexities behind designing a hack, but it still doesn't tell you how it is made!  Well once you've answered all the above questions, it requires interfacing with the game.  Generally you will install a hook which will allow the game to call your functions, then you will change the game parameters inside your functions and thus your hack has begun.

What will a hack let you do? Generally it can let you do anything you want.  You can fly, die, cry, shoot rockets, shoot people, change your player model, turn your game upside-down, have godmode, instant win, change the map, and much more.  So why does every hack not allow all of this?  For starters - it's very very different for every game.  The amount of work you'd need to achieve some of this could take years for a game that may have an update tomorrow, which will ruin most of your discoveries.  In the event that you are playing an online game, the hack may not work due to server verification - you'll just get disconnected.  If you tell the server something very very wrong, it will just kick you off and dismiss you.  Ever had an idiot ramble to you about something and be completely wrong and you just ignore him?  That's what happens, the server ignores you and walks away.

I hope this has helped you with your understandings of what a hack is.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Looking for the Latest MicroVolts Hacks?

Chams Preview from MicroVolts Hacks package designed by AugmentedSkills.com

You have probably seen some of the newly released MicroVolts Hacks if you’ve been played in the last couple days.  Has someone launched 100 rockets at you?  If so I bet you were looking at your screen in disbelief!  Has someone grabbed your battery and captured it at the same time?  These are all features of our latest release!

That’s right, we have infinite ammo and rapid fire combine to make one hell of a hack.  Check YouTube for our videos, simply search for MicroVolts Hacks!  Did you check? See the video of launching 100 grenades in all directions? Yeah I like that one the most myself, since I made it!  You won’t find better MicroVolts cheats anywhere on the internet!  We have a huge features list including chams, wall hack, radar, aimbot, esp, bounding boxes, and much much more!

We have the more exclusive features list, including an Aimbot!  Bet you wish you had one, well pick it up today and the greatest thing is you can do it for free!  We are working to release even more features!  Currently we feature a full menu, safe hooks, working and functional features that are guaranteed to make you win fast, full update support, automated updates keeps you using the latest hacks at all times, and trustworthy coders dedicated to making your MicroVolts Hacks the best they can possibly be.

If you’ve made it to this page then more than likely you HAVE seen these hacks in action, in which case you know what I’m posting here is very much the truth.  For this reason, we also understand that many of you are interested and we have made the system streamlined for you.  You can use the hacks completely free, even get a fully functioning trial to show to all of your friends.  Simply sign up and get access to your MicroVolts Hacks instantly.  The full directions are available on the forum and you can pretty much figure it out on your own from our extremely easy to use loader.

What are you waiting for? Join today and try it out, get the highest KDR of all of your friends using our insane combination of rapid fire and infinite ammo, or try shooting hundreds of rockets a second.  Try making your shotgun shoot grenades, this is a fantastic crowd control!  Try lobbing them into your enemy base!!  If this isn’t enough you can use including glitcher, our exclusive feature to walk inside of any wall or barrier, or even to get on top of huge structures, like the center of the toy garden map!  I stand on top of the world and shoot rockets down at everyone, try it yourself!

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